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In conjunction with our supply partners, we have developed a range of unique, off-site manufactured, pre-assembled solutions to enable more efficient and cost effective on-site installation.

Prefabricated Roofs and Walls 

Our prefabricated solutions include large unitised roofing structures and modular wall systems for use on a wide range of building applications. 

These innovative systems are manufactured to specification off-site and delivered to the project complete and ready for installation. In many cases they will include windows, door openings and exterior cladding for the walling elements and factory applied roofing membranes for the roofing elements.

This approach ensures that construction is streamlined and buildings are quickly made watertight, allowing access to the building by other trades significantly sooner than would otherwise be possible. 

Installed costs and construction times are significantly reduced, weather-related delays are rare, health and safety is improved and scaffolding requirements are kept to a minimum, further reducing risk of accidents and costs.

Other benefits include:

  • Simplified detailing and avoidance of potential interface issues
  • Non-combustible modular components satisfy fire insurers
  • Consistent installation of thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Wide range of finish options including: single ply roofing membranes, cladding profiles, render, brick cladding and rainscreens

Featured Projects:

Waterloo Station

Wessex Capacity Alliance 2019

London Bridge Redevelopment

Network Rail 2018

Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park 2016

Queen Alexandra Hospital Portsmouth

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust 2007

First Street, Manchester

Ask / Manchester City Council 2014