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Delivering Consistency: Supply Chain Conference 2019

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About Lindner Prater Posted by Lindner Prater on May 20th 2019

This year’s Supply Chain Conference celebrated the vital role that our now 100 strong supply chain plays in ‘Delivering Consistency’ from project to project. The annual event provides our team with the opportunity to share company updates and project pipeline, as well as discuss the overall business strategy for the next 12 months. Key personnel from Lindner Prater, spoke candidly about the current challenges facing the industry and how Lindner Prater, working collaboratively with its trusted supply chain partners, is set to combat them.  

Managing Director, Gavin Hamblett spoke of a clear commitment to investment – both in relation to Lindner Prater’s factory facilities to develop our offsite manufacturing capabilites, and the company’s Learning and Development programmes. Gavin’s key message was one of open communication, and the importance of sharing ideas and best practice throughout the supply chain to support one another to ensure that our sector becomes increasingly visible to young people as a viable career pathway.  

Gavin also went on to reiterate the importance of these communication channels across the supply chain in relation to the health and wellbeing of all employees. Acknowledging that the conference took place during Mental Health Awareness Week, Gavin explained the training now available to Lindner Prater staff to help recognise the initial signs that a colleague is struggling and concluded that, “we all have a duty to ensure that we are talking to each other and supporting each other in the right way. We ask that you be mindful of this and keep those channels of communication open.

Wanting to continue the Health & Safety conversation in a more dynamic way, this year we surprised guests with an interactive workshop from AKT Productions. The session highlighted a number of relatable onsite issues, as part of a hypothetical scenario,that have the potential to inhibit company health and safety procedures. This led to an animated discussion between attendees, raising some interesting and occasionally challenging points relating to process, best practice and onsite behaviours – definite food for thought.

We would like to thank all those at Lindner Prater who helped ensure 2019 was another successful Supply Chain Conference, and all our trusted supply chain partners who attended the event.